What is an Escape Room?

In an escape room, you and your team will enter a themed experience where you are given an overarching goal and tasked with finding clues and solving puzzles to meet said goal. If correctly and quickly completed in under 60 minutes, you will "escape" and make it onto our leaderboards! Each of our escape rooms is uniquely themed for your entertainment and features a dramatic storyline which immerses you into the experience. Escape rooms are great for friend and family gatherings, date nights, birthday parties, corporate events, and team-building exercises!

Is this Escape Room unique?

YES! Code Stat Escape Rooms offers an original experience with never-before-seen puzzles, props, and plot twists! We've hand-designed our own clues and games so that all of our content is new and exciting. 

Are bookings private?

YES! Unlike other escape rooms, Code Stat never mixes your party with another. We understand that groups don't like to be paired with strangers so we will never do it to you (unless you want/ask). If you make a booking, the time slot you choose is reserved solely for your party (no matter the group size)!

Do you take walk-ins? / How far in advance do I have to book?

Unfortunately, at this time, we can not offer walk-ins. All appointments must be booked online at least two hours in advance. The calendar (once you hit "book now" and select your group size) will always show you the nearest time slot available. 

Can children play?

YES! Our policy for children is:

Children under 8 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Players under 13 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older. Players under 18 must have a parent or guardian's permission in the form of our signed waiver.





It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to have the legal guardian print and sign our waiver, and then bring it in with you when you come to play.


Please make sure you understand our policy and are able to acquire the signed waivers for ALL of the minors in your party BEFORE you book as we will offer no refund for minors who show up without signed waivers. 

Can I play after I've had something to drink?

Absolutely not. We have a strict no-intoxication policy which you agree to in our waiver and which applies to any and all substances, not solely alcohol. If any member of our staff observes that you or anyone in your party is noticeably impaired, we reserve the right to deny entry, extract you from the game, and/or end your game without refund. No exceptions. This is for the safety of our facilities, staff, and yourself. 

How early in advance should I arrive?

We advise that you arrive at least TEN MINUTES EARLY as your time on the clock for your room starts at the time that you reserved. Ten minutes should be enough time for anyone who needs to to use the restroom, for your party to hand in or sign our waivers, and for us to go over our rules. 

If you show up late, your 60 minutes will have already begun and you will be further delayed by the rigmarole we must go through before your game starts. Moreover, if you are more than 15 minutes late, we reserve the right to cancel your game completely without refund. 

Please plan ahead, account for traffic, and show up on-time.

Can I add players to my team even if I already booked?

YES! You can always add more players to your team if you find more friends to play. Just make sure to stay at or below the maximum of 12 players for the Mad Scientist or 10 for the Games Room. You can simply pay for the extra players by credit/debit card or cash when you come in. 

Are the experiences scary?

Our experiences are meant to be thrilling. The storylines are intense because you need a motive to escape, after all! Young children and those who startle easily may find our rooms a little scary, but our experiences have no live actors or big pop-out surprises. However, some portions of the experience must be played slightly or completely in the dark. 

Where are you located and what is the parking situation?

We are located at 3875 Telegraph Road, Suite D. We are situated in between the Pacific View Mall and Ventura City College for reference.

We have plenty of free parking! Behind our shopping complex is a big lot where you can freely and easily park.

Do you host corporate events and teambuilding parties?

YES! Escape rooms, in general, are great team-building experiences and Code Stat has specifically designed its rooms to encourage teamwork. Many of our puzzles require a group effort and our rooms can comfortably fit up to ten or twelve players with enough puzzles and games for everyone to work on! Try different teamwork strategies in a fun environment and allow us to put your communication and cooperation skills to the test!

Do you host birthday parties?

YES! Escape rooms, in general, are great for birthday parties of all ages! Furthermore, Code Stat has specifically designed its rooms to fit up to ten or twelve players with enough puzzles and games for everyone to solve! 

And, if you book our Games Room experience, there will even be a special birthday surprise for the birthday boy or girl. Just mention their name and that it's their birthday when you book! 

Just remember to familiarize yourself with our policy on children and minors if you are planning a birthday party for players under 18 years old. 

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer a separate room for birthday celebrations. We only have our two experiences for you to book.

Are the experiences wheelchair accessible?

Our experiences are mostly wheelchair accessible. Some parts of the experience may require crawling, lying down, or climbing a few stairs, but not every player need do every part of the experience. Unfortunately, these parts of the experience may not be 100% accessible to people in wheelchairs, the elderly, or any others who have mobility issues, but the majority of the game is accessible to all.

How do I reschedule or cancel my booking?

Full refunds will only be issued if a cancellation request is submitted more than 24 hours in advance of the appointment. Rescheduling arrangments will be considered up to three hours in advance of the appointment. Email or call (805) 620-7604 to cancel or reschedule.

We advise that you double-check that every member in your party is available for the time and date you select. If you are booking less than 24 hours in advance, you do not have the option to cancel. If you are booking less than three hours in advance, you do not have the option to reschedule. 

No refunds will be issued for late arrivals or no-shows.

Need more details? Contact us

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