It's not just an Escape Room at Code Stat; it's an E.R. 
So get ready to escape like your life depends on it!
Our thrilling, immersive experiences test your clue-finding and puzzle-solving skills as you race against the clock to survive our rooms. 
We've hand-designed our own sets and storylines with never-before-seen tricks, props, puzzles, and plot-twists.
Let us treat your next birthday party, corporate event, or family gathering. We've got the cure for your escape room fix!

Recent graduates from the University of California, Santa Barbara, two of our creators got hooked on escape rooms during their college experience and decided to open up their own business as soon as they finished their studies. They are simultaneously pursuing careers in law and electrical engineering while our third creator is already working as an E. R. doctor. We hope our combination of skill sets has resulted in a truly electrifying experience for our patients. Code Stat E. R. opened November 8, 2019.